capital projects

Your continued contributions to the Healthcare Foundation for the Yampa Valley will help us maintain excellence and upgrade and expand our services. Here are a few things that you have helped us fund:

Cancer Service Enhancements

In 1990 we treated five to six patients per day and we had one Oncologist who traveled to Steamboat to see patients. At that time, patients were required to travel elsewhere for almost all Cancer treatments. We now provide a variety of cancer treatments onsite, minimizing the need for patients to travel elsewhere. We have two Oncologists, Dr. Cohn and Dr. Rifkin, who each travel from Denver to Steamboat for two clinical treatments days monthly. When a patient has a specialized need, a bone marrow transplant for example, the patient is typically transferred to Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center in Denver where Dr. Cohn or Dr. Rifkin monitors their care. This service provides continuity and comfort for the patient. The cancer services department is always busy with a staff of 12. This growth requires us to take our cancer services program to the next level.


One recent addition to the extraordinary services YVMC offers is an Oncology Nurse Navigator program. When a person hears the word “cancer” as a diagnosis from their physician, the diagnosis becomes personal and affects every part of one’s world—including family, friends, and coworkers. What ensues is a maze of medical jargon that each patient needs to learn. A CT, a Pet scan, a lymph node biopsy, genetics consultation, and oncologist are a few examples of unknown vocabulary terms that often are not understood without medical training. The nurse navigator is a professional whose clinical expertise guides patients, families, and their caregivers to informed decision-making, collaboration with a multidisciplinary team to allow for timely cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment and increased supportive care across the cancer continuum. Cancer care is customized to meet the needs of every individual.

CT Scanner

A state-of-the-art CT Scanner was purchased in 2010 using funds raised by the Healthcare Foundation and its generous donors. The machine is currently being used by YVMC physicians to diagnose everything from head injuries to rare heart conditions. Click Here to read how our new CT Scanner helped diagnose a rare heart defect.

Digital Mamography

Funds raised by the Healthcare Foundation contributed to the completion of a beautiful new digital mamography suite at Yampa Valley Medical Center. Yampa Valley Medical Center is an FDA-certified mammography facility and a Soft Mammogram Provider, making your comfort top priority. All staff performing your exam are certified mammographers, and board-certified radiologists interpret the images.

HBB Simulation Lab

The Healthcare Foundation has received a donation of $500,000 from the HBB Foundation for YVMC emergency room and nursing education.  This donation was made by a grateful patient who received treatment in our ED and stood by as his close friend had orthopeadic surgery here at YVMC.  Click here to read more.